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Got a Winner - Most Popular Sticker Trivia Question

February 5th, 2008 at 09:14 am

I run a little trivia contest in my shop (click left column 'prettycheap' to see) for fun and promotion.

For several months no-one came up with the answer to the question:

Q: What is the most popular sticker made (in terms of number produced)?

NOT-smiley face
NOT-Made in China
NOT-Caution: Electrical hazard

A: Chiquita Banana
Approximately 3 billion/yr made according to my source.

New question is up and I give a FREE prize to the correct answer (no strings, shipping included):

Q: What was used to build an edible tower about 5 feet tall in 2003?

To enter, go to my shop and contact me with your guess (click 'contact prettycheap in the shop right column).

Good luck and have fun!

2 Responses to “Got a Winner - Most Popular Sticker Trivia Question”

  1. debtfreeme Says:

    gum drops and marshmellows

  2. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    nope, but please enter guesses through the shop (click 'prettycheap' left column)

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