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I only went to the mall because...

December 13th, 2007 at 04:56 pm

JC Penney's sent me another $10 off coupon (with ANY sale of $10.01 or more).

My little daughter wanted some cozy warm slippers. I am in favor. We went to the ladies area where nice boxed ones are just under $10 (marked down as they are a typical gift).

Since we were under the required limit, and she had lost her gloves (I think they are in our camper at our weekend property), we went over to the the knit glove section.

There among the picked over, messed up racks of scarves, hats and gloves, were a nice chenille red pair for $6. (I correctly suspected they were half off the original price of $12).

Summary: A free pair of slippers and new gloves for $6.42 with tax.

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