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It's Not Even December Yet

November 28th, 2007 at 11:58 am

Should it feel like Christmas?

OK, Chanukah is only a week away. I light candles, say prayers, read stories, cook latkes and play driedel. But gifts are given later in the month with my husband's big Catholic family.

Regardless, the commercial world is in high gear. And I have completed the vast majority of my shopping.

Why? Early Planning Saves Money (not to mention my nerves).

For example;
--I've taken advantage of a moderately expensive buy one/get one toy for tots weeks ago

--More time to cost compare between retailers on a few items; and way better selection on the items I wasn't sure of

--Using coupons a few at a time at the bath/linen store

--Using coupons one at a time for ribbons and other goodies at the craft store

--Time to make many of the gifts for teachers, store owners/employees where I consign, and nurses where I have a relative living

--There will be NO last minute running to the overcrowded mall or big box store with mean spirited, desperate shoppers

--Relaxed fun at home finally with the kids to make cookies, decorate, hang out with neighbors Smile

--The only shopping I have left are the important, unusual special things for my husband. I want to have a good feeling giving him a gift. Not anxiety over the price, or time to squeeze in getting things. He just wants a couple items from an independent dry goods (western type) establishment in town that is extremely less stressful to visit.

See you all round the fireplace with a cuppa hot chocolate.

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