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Inexpensive Gift in a Jar Recipe - Part 6 of 6

November 22nd, 2007 at 09:28 am

A hot cup of homemade soup hits the spot this time of year. If it is a snap to make, your recipient will be thankful. This last gift recipe is a thoughtful offer to many on your list; teacher, neighbor, young cook, friend, co-worker.

I hope you have enjoyed all the six ideas in the 'Handmade' category of this blog, recapped below. One for kids, one for the guys, one for the vegetarian, one for the fitness buff, and so on.

#1-Spicy Rice Mix
#2-Choc Chunk Oatmeal Cookies
#3-No Yeast Whole Wheat Bread
#4-Sun's Up Granola
#5-BBQ Rub

[u]#6-Confetti Comfort Soup[u]
1 Pint Jar with tight screw lid
2/3 C dried green split peas
2/3 C dried yellow split peas
2/3 C dried orange lentils

(Note: these dried legumes are available at the whole foods, natural markets. Other types are also possible, just make sure they have identical cooking instructions)

Assemble Ingredients (see Photo)

Step 1 (see Photo)-Place green peas in jar for first layer.

Step 2 (see Photo)-Place orange lentils in jar for second layer.

Step 3 (see Photo)-Place yellow peas in jar for third layer. The items should reach to the top of the jar threads.

Step 4 (see Photo)-Tightly screw on lid and cover lid with a piece of wrapping paper or fabric. Tie on with ribbon.

Step 5-Tie tag with Mix instructions (as follows) around lid:
"Mix Instructions-Warm up on a cold day! Just place 1 C mix and 3 C water in a soup pot. Bring to a boil. Promptly lower heat and simmer covered about 45 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste."

1 Responses to “Inexpensive Gift in a Jar Recipe - Part 6 of 6”

  1. tiki Says:

    I'm giving myself this one! Thanks for these great ideas Smile

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