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Low Cost Pins Make Me Happy

November 18th, 2007 at 11:23 am

Isn't it satisfying when the perfect use comes along for those little things you've been saving and saving?

I have a dozen little pots of craft paint that were left over from one of my kid's project. And bits of ribbon, a few sequins, some buttons. Even some little Christmas decorations when they were 90% off last year, for example.

So voila! They have been made into great fun pins which are destined for a few craft shows this year. They will cost $2.50 each.

Have a look:

The tree is embellished with pearl swags, button ornaments, a bit of silver snow, and a big gold bow topper.

The heart is enhanced by a rosebud and lettering.

The tree is brightened with copper glitter branches, button ornaments, and a silver bow topper.

The old fashioned heart is decorated with buttons, and outlined in yarn. It reads "Peace".

The romantic heart is embellished with a sweet pink flower, two ribbons and a bit of pearl string. It reads 'SWEET' on the side.

Every bead has it's place, right? Now I can't wait to start saving all the gift wrap decorations from this year!

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