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Need to Gift Tween Boys?

October 31st, 2007 at 06:04 pm

These little guys are a little harder to please than little girls. Let's consider the ages around 7-12. (By the way, scroll down for a previous entry in this blog on gifts for girls that age).

Help is here!

1. Cost $20 or under Big Grin
2. Educational as possible
3. Electronic gaming is an absolute LAST resort.
4. Refrain from guns, war stuff as much as possible Frown and oh yes, they hate clothes.

Soooooooooo, here's a few ideas to swipe.

A. Models--Make sure to give only the easier kits!! These are snap together, or minimal glue, and NO PAINTING kits. There are good ones, especially; cars (cast metal types), aircraft (plastic), ships (plastic).

And use the 40% off Sunday coupon from Michaels to lower the price more!

B. Legos. There are nice kits that make warrior type characters, the only problem is boys who like these usually have LOTS of them already. Try to get a different one, although sometimes the most fun is putting them together so a duplicate is just fine.

C. Good (inexpensive) camera. OK, this does not fall into the electronic category basically in my opinion. Not digital! This can be a decent film camera which is both educational and appropriate for the age.

D. Book Store Gift Cert. Believe it or not, kids still get excited at the book store. And this is a WAY easy one to mail.

Post your ideas here, because I still need a few more (but follow the rules please!).

1 Responses to “Need to Gift Tween Boys?”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Magazine subscription, with December's copy bought off the newsstand and delivered with a card announcing the subscription. Don't forget that some of those 12 year olds will be ready for magazines not geared to kids.

    Science toys. Arbor Scientific and Fisher Scientific are both online and have some cool toys though which one can marvel at and intuit a lot of science principles.

    Bike accessories. Blinking safety light for nighttime, rear view mirrors, bike helmet if the old one has been damaged, gloves, new safety reflectors, a snap on tire pump to always be there, a pedal powered generator light.

    A winter camping trip. Time with your kid! Are you up to it? We have a state park designed for dirt bike riders and it has campgrounds! Not too busy in winter. Son could go test that new bike gear.

    Their very own pile of assorted lumber and set of hand tools to make skate ramps, tree houses, forts, doghouses, etc!

    A flashlight of their own.

    BTW, I would give any of these gifts to a girl as well.

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