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What to Give Tween Girls for Holidays?

October 11th, 2007 at 04:02 pm

Actually these are easy! I have 3 nieces:

1. Knee Socks - Remember getting these as kids? New socks always seem to be enjoyed. Why do I have trouble finding ones less than ~$3+, arghh. They are kind of expensive at Target and even Pay Less Shoes.

Found there are GREAT ones at the dollar store right now as it is fall. Check a couple different dollar stores if you need to. I bought my 7-y-o 5 or 6 pairs. Nice medium weight, good quality!

2. Youthful Cosmetics - Sheer lipgloss, hair brushes, specialty shampoo, light body spray, maybe even a blush. I'm going to fill a small tote (which I've sewn) or buy a makeup bag at the dollar store and fill it up with things also found there.

Michael's (crafts) also has really cute $1 soap, notepads, cards and other stuffers that are not too grown up right now.

3. Diary or Journal - I gave the girls these last year and they were perfect.

Next blog: 'What to Give Tween Boys for Holidays?'

I'll need some help on this one :-/

3 Responses to “What to Give Tween Girls for Holidays?”

  1. fern Says:

    I bought some socks at wal-mart once to save money, and they weren't worth it. They'd come off my heels as i walked.

  2. lattelal Says:

    One suggestion is that boys usually like gift cards to Blockbuster or gaming stores.

  3. luna Says:

    If they are into video games, you could sew them pencil pouches or cell phone holders with game logos. Simple ones from games like Legend of Zelda (
    Text is image here and Link is
    image here) or Final Fantasy (
    Text is character sprites and Link is
    character sprites) would be ideal. You could even paste them onto notebook covers. They would have something cool to show their friends, and think more highly of you. Wink

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