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What to Give Tween Girls for Holidays?

October 11th, 2007 at 09:02 am

Actually these are easy! I have 3 nieces:

1. Knee Socks - Remember getting these as kids? New socks always seem to be enjoyed. Why do I have trouble finding ones less than ~$3+, arghh. They are kind of expensive at Target and even Pay Less Shoes.

Found there are GREAT ones at the dollar store right now as it is fall. Check a couple different dollar stores if you need to. I bought my 7-y-o 5 or 6 pairs. Nice medium weight, good quality!

2. Youthful Cosmetics - Sheer lipgloss, hair brushes, specialty shampoo, light body spray, maybe even a blush. I'm going to fill a small tote (which I've sewn) or buy a makeup bag at the dollar store and fill it up with things also found there.

Michael's (crafts) also has really cute $1 soap, notepads, cards and other stuffers that are not too grown up right now.

3. Diary or Journal - I gave the girls these last year and they were perfect.

Next blog: 'What to Give Tween Boys for Holidays?'

I'll need some help on this one :-/

3 Responses to “What to Give Tween Girls for Holidays?”

  1. fern Says:

    I bought some socks at wal-mart once to save money, and they weren't worth it. They'd come off my heels as i walked.

  2. lattelal Says:

    One suggestion is that boys usually like gift cards to Blockbuster or gaming stores.

  3. luna Says:

    If they are into video games, you could sew them pencil pouches or cell phone holders with game logos. Simple ones from games like Legend of Zelda (http://www.zeldaelements.net/other/backgroundreading/zeldafa...) or Final Fantasy (http://nanobox.chipx86.com/blogfiles/2006-02-06/final_fantas...) would be ideal. You could even paste them onto notebook covers. They would have something cool to show their friends, and think more highly of you. Wink

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