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Asked for ideas for kid's gifts?

October 9th, 2007 at 05:24 pm

YaY! Was asked by a relative for ideas as holiday gifts for my kids (7 and 9 year old). These are my (getting up there) father-in-law and his 2nd wife. They are retired, on fixed income.

Unwritten Criteria:

1. Inexpensive (under $20 each)
2. Not Electronic!
3. As Educational as possible

Sooooooooo, here are some thoughts----

A. Pokemon Cards! They both still love these (??). I really hate letting them buy them because it seems such a waste. Why not let the relative get a pack or two as gifts? They are about $6/pack, and come also in larger sets around $12. and the kids love them

B. Gel Pen Set and a small blank book. Doesn't everyone hoard their gel pens? I love mine and don't let the kids touch them! They have a few, and love them too but are careless in taking care of them. A small set of 4-6 can be had at the craft store, Wal Mart, etc. For some reason, my 9-y-o loves blank books too?! Small blank books are available at the dollar stores.

C. Gift Card for the Book Store. My kids have learned what fun gift cards are (after receiving ones for Amazon last year). Even a $10 card is alot of money to a grade school kid. And picking out a book or two is very suitable to me.

More ideas coming soon in this blog!

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