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You be the judge!

October 3rd, 2007 at 04:00 pm

I belong to a state-wide craft group which had a design contest last month. The topic was 'Alternative Media' and the entries are in!

We are inviting the public to vote on the best entry and here is one of our member's blogs showing pics of each:

Text is SandySimone's blog and Link is
SandySimone's blog

Each entry has a url to click for more detail and information about the piece.

If you want to vote, you must be registered with
Text is Etsy and Link is
Etsy, an amazing handcrafted internet marketplace. Then go to this forum post and vote for one
Text is here and Link is

A prize is going to be given to one randomly picked voter, just for fun (see the blog for a link to the prize as well).

Thanks for visiting!

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