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Nice Door Prize

September 7th, 2007 at 01:30 pm

The other wonderful internet community I belong to of handcrafters is having a fun contest.

We were asked to craft an item in the subject of 'Typography' (def:having to do with the general appearance of matter printed with type).

Any media was allowed, each of us specialize in different crafts, (sewing, drawing, jewelry, etc.)

The entries were made last month and are now up for a vote. One lucky voter is going to be picked to receive a pair of handmade gemstone earrings (see pic below) from the shop of

Text is and Link is

Do you want to have some fun judging the entries and casting a vote?

Here is the post with all the details: where you can see all the entries together, where you can see them separately with more detail, and the prize details.
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You must be a registered member of Etsy to vote. Etsy is an amazing handcrafted internet marketplace (register just like Amazon, with an email and password).

Why did we do it? A design challenge among peers stimulates each of us, to attract attention to each of our shops, to attract new members to our group. You get the picture, right?

Voting closes Saturday 9/8 at midnight. Thanks!

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