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Hot time to Plan for December-Part 1 of about 6

September 6th, 2007 at 01:50 pm

The heat wave is almost over and now is the time to start on the December gift planning.

Early Planning Saves Money

'Mix in a Jar' is a thoughtful inexpensive gift you can make yourself. Healthy food mixes are suitable for many of the incidentals you want to surprise (like the teacher, hair dresser, neighbor, and more).

I will share some great easy recipes in coming weeks for you to collect and execute later this year. Some of the recipes are my own originals, some are credited to others. All lean to the healthy diet, I prefer to avoid heavy sweets and fats. Enjoy!
Spicy Rice

1 glass pint jar w/screw lid, washed and dried (tip: go to the thrift store and find interesting jars, or just use canning jars)

2 C brown or basmati rice

1/8 C dried mushrooms

1 tsp red hot pepper flake

2 tsp onion powder

Mix ingredients thoroughly by placing in a ziploc bag and shaking well. Pour into jar and close tightly. Cover lid with square of fabric or wrapping paper. Tie covering around lip of lid on with ribbon, leaving a long enough tail of ribbon to attach cooking instructions.

Using the rice instructions, write the cooking instructions on a small card punched with a hole in the corner. Tie onto the ribbon.

1 Responses to “Hot time to Plan for December-Part 1 of about 6”

  1. Stein Says:

    My wife does those types of things and people seem to always enjoy receiving them.

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