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Unplanned Blast to the Past

June 21st, 2007 at 12:59 pm

To escape the noise of distant popping fireworks (they have already started during the afternoon around the neighborhood), my dog tried to climb up into the shelves of our bedroom closet.

Right where an old box or two of my childhood items were kept. The only two boxes I have of things.

He clawed open the corner of one box shredding some of the contents. So it was taken down to clean up and throw out.

Inside was my coin collection from younger days (about 40 years ago). It wasn't as extensive as my memory had told me. It contains a booklet of incomplete pennies from 1902 to 1940, although I had just found two 1943 pennies in recent months and added them right away. (In 1943 pennies were made with aluminum instead of copper due to WWII. THey are rare and collectable).

Am going to go throught the rest in the next couple days just for fun. Some buffalo nickels, a variety of 'wheat back' pennies, mercury dimes, etc. Even at a young age I knew if you just tucked away rare coins for a long period of time, they will increase in value!

Also want to show off a handsome rock for the man who needs to tell it like it is. Available at

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