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School's Almost Out / Let the Tanning Lotion Hit the Fan!

June 12th, 2007 at 09:39 am

EEP! Two more days until mayhem!

My 1st and 3rd grader have 8 weeks of freedom, mom - here - has the ultimate plans!

1. Free passes to the Getty Museum in LA (given to the 1st grade class this year).

2. Free passes to the Santa Barbara Art Museum (given to the 3rd grade class this year). To be expanded to a full day trip riding the 25cent electric shuttle to the pier, going to the (elaborate wooden) playground, etc.

3. Free kids passes to Magic Mountain (earned by reading 6 hours in school).

4. Swim Lessons for 2 weeks in July (already registered).

5. Trampoline Class later in August (once a week, for 4 weeks)

6. Ocassional $3 movie.

7. Many trips to the beach to collect sea glass, the latest kids obsession (we are fortunate to live near the Pacific Ocean).

8. Sleep overs with friends at our place and theirs.

And the rest of the time for bickering and nitpicking with each other! Whee! Can't wait!

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