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Why did Shell Oil take me out to dinner?

June 11th, 2007 at 06:43 pm

In the mail was a $2 off coupon for Shell gas with the purchase of 10 gallons. Our family holds a Shell credit card because they reduce the price by 5.5% if you use it to charge gas. Which is what we use this card exclusively.

On Sunday, in preparation for the coming work week, I filled the tank and received cash of $2 (according to the attendent it was easier to give me the cash instead of reducing the charge amount).

Why do they bother though? It is nearly impossible to reduce gas consumption anyway -- I have to get to work and the kids to school. There is little to no discretionary driving already. Is this supposed to entice me to go to Shell instead of some other brand? How in the world is $2 going to make a difference to them? What marketing guru dreamed this ridiculous scheme up?

Nevertheless, you are probably wondering how I was taken to dinner for $2. Also receieved in the mail was a coupon for a free burrito from Chipotles. This is one of the nice 'gourmet' mexican counter service restaurants. In the same vein as La Salsa, Baja Fresh, Sharkeys (if you aren't familiar with these, too bad, they're yummy). Chipotle charges $5+ for a burrito, way alot for mexican fare. (Except they are mixed up too. This restaurant plays jazz and old swing tunes, has Rat Pack trivia on their cups and such. Now whose marketing guru's sister or brother got in on this one?? Idiots! But that's the subject of another blog entry...)

So off I went with the $2, free burrito coupon and bought a soda for $1.34.

I guess Shell Oil actually paid me to go to dinner.

4 Responses to “Why did Shell Oil take me out to dinner?”

  1. katwoman Says:

    I'll take FREE any day!

    Can you tell us more about the Shell credit card? I'm in the market for a gas card.

  2. JanH Says:

    In our area, Shell is the most expensive brand. I guess that discount with their card helps keep their customers.

  3. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    Shell ran a promotion almost a year ago that gas purchased with their Shell Mastercard would be discounted 5.5%. There were little billboards on top of their pumps advertising this deal. As far as I know, the deal is still available, just the signs are gone. Ask the attendent or go to their website.

    Thx JanH, they are basically the same as most everyone out here. In fact, funny enough, the lowest station in town is the one near my house! It is usually mentioned on the AM radio for motorists!

  4. fern Says:

    It was probably a good will gesture. They're not winning any popularity contests these days.

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