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Psyching Into the Shopping 'Experience'

June 4th, 2007 at 05:26 pm

One Sunday a month I volunteer as a host at the Art Association Gallery. It is located at a marina, a moderate sized tourist attraction with restaurants, souvenir shops, and a National Park site within.

The gallery sees some foot traffic, but not as much as we'd like. The gallery atmosphere is on the spartan side. It is quiet (with low volume jazz or soft rock playing), uncluttered, with wares for young adults on up. Framed items, glass works, textiles and jewelry are displayed among other things.

Is this not enough in the age of clever media marketing?

Do people need to be bombarded with tempting signs, sales, and all the frills so common nowadays?

On the other hand, what about those shops that contain maybe 5 (stratospherically priced) purses or shoes? There's practically NOTHING in the store, yet they stay in business?

Ha! ha! Any thoughts welcome :->

2 Responses to “Psyching Into the Shopping 'Experience'”

  1. disneysteve Says:

    We were at Jersey Gardens outlet mall yesterday. A couple of stores that we went into were so loud between music and backgroud noise from customers, that I could not have a conversation with my wife. I even said something about it while we were there. Another store we passed was even louder - we could tell without even entering the store.

    I hate those kinds of places. If I have to go in, I get what I need and get out as quickly as I can. But I'm an old fogie of 42. Ask a teen or 20-something and you'll probably get a different answer. So I think it depends on who your target audience is.

    I think sales attract attention too. People would rather buy something marked $20 and 50% off than buy something marked $10 not on sale, even though the end result is the same. The first way, they feel like they are getting a bargain. Personally, I don't care but a lot of people do.

  2. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    Yes, I read your blog entry (mostly) also entered about the same time as this.

    I want to spruce up the gallery a little, not alot. It's volunteer driven, ie cash poor. But filled with creative folks who can do something different yet popular given a push.

    Our market is the older, wiser, richer, probably not teens. But it's time for them to kick it up a notch and take advantage of the location, the type of visitor (tourist and local families), etc.

    Thx for the response!

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