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Free 'FOR SALE' Posts They're Asking For!

February 20th, 2007 at 06:56 pm

Ever searched Yahoo groups for bargain shoppers?

There are a dozen which WANT you to post for sale items. Check out Bargain-Finder, ForSaleCheap, A-Big-Sale, etc. There are hundreds of members, at least a small percentage of which really want to bargain shop.

Your 'ads' get delivered right to a person, unlike posting for sale on Craig's in which you wait for someone to see you.

There is some terrible spamming, but not enough to discourage me from getting delivered to hundreds and hundreds of email boxes.

And while you think it over, plan ahead for Mother's Day! Richly made pearl spray earrings in traditional gold and red and white are available from Pretty Cheap Jewelry for $10

Text is and Link is Thanks for looking.

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