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Shopping on Craigs List

January 28th, 2007 at 06:22 am

Have you tried Craigs List for furniture, household items, sports items?

I've been looking for a desk suitable for my 1st grader's room to more formalize a homework area and establish good study habits.

First stop-the thrift stores. Ugh, they were bad values! Most were in the $35+ range and were beat up/needed paint.

Next stop-browse the internet for unfinished furniture and/or Target type places. There were suitable styles but in the $100 range.

Last stop-craigs list. For a few weeks I looked in the for sale 'furniture' section. The first one I loved was a great price and great item and sold to someone else the next day. There are others who know great deals out there Frown But patience paid off and there was a darling inexpensive 5 drawer desk with fancy brass handles for $10. We snatched it and my little one has put her 'laptop' on it ever since.

2 Responses to “Shopping on Craigs List”

  1. scfr Says:

    Yes - I am in the process of selling furniture on Craigslist right now (and I plan to buy from there after we move to Texas) and you are absolutely right that people "in the know" seem to snap up things that are priced right very quickly. One of my listings had 3 responses within minutes. If you only see overpriced things, just wait awhile and a good bargain will come along eventually ... then act fast!

    Congrats on finding a nice desk for your daughter at a great price!

  2. KEALINA Says:

    yeah, craigslist can have some great deals but they can disappear fast too... i've missed out on tons of stuff but that's ok... more stuff always comes along...

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