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Getting Great Amazon Mileage

January 14th, 2007 at 06:37 am

My kids each received a gift certificate for $35 on Amazon. My older is a veteran internet shopper after discovering the Lego website at 7years old (he saved for his dream toy). My younger is now in the modern world after a little lesson on how the internet is connected to 'stores'.

So many choices! They are making their wish lists for anything they can dream up. Gameboys, Rocking Horses, digital Tv, the sky is the limit, until...

Time to look at the prices and pick out what will the gift certificate truly pay for, not to mention a shipping.

Now is the time to notice 'used' is much lower than 'new' especially in books, movies. How about sales? Free/low mailing costs too.

Everytime they mention 'I want a ...' they go to Amazon to see if it can be put on the wish list.

We're on our first week of looking. I think we'll take a few more days to dream, then let reality take its course.

1 Responses to “Getting Great Amazon Mileage”

  1. marymara Says:

    I love to use amazon for books. I always buy the used and they have been as good as new. Especially for grandchildren who would never notice a slight tear or smudge they are such a bargain. They are often for sale for $.01 (you can't beat a penny) but shipping and handling will bring that up. I bought Dave's book and workbook that way and was quite pleased with myself.

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