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Fun on $5 (or Less)

January 9th, 2007 at 06:49 am

About 12 years ago I was asked to go out for pizza and to go 'spend a few dollars credit at the used book store' on a Friday night by a guy I met at an environmental group meeting. Well...I ended up marrying that guy and that was our first 'date'!

You can still have a great time with little cash. Here's my top three things to do for fun with $5:

1. Day hike. There is a hike calling your name undoubtedly. On the beach? (while there, collect shells or driftwood for crafting supplies) In the hills? (I hear the Smoky Mtn trail network is [almost] better than ours in California). In the city? Walk the downtown area of your city (pay attention to the buildings or just window shop). Take a small pack with snacks and water.

2. Go to the library. Pick the biggest one you can get to. There are magazines you want to browse, but didn't have time. There are newspapers from other cities. Go to the non-fiction section for how-to books, art, biographies, animals, pets. You've forgotten things you wanted to learn about.

3. Take $5 to the used book store! Of course you might find someone to marry...

This is not just for kids. Post your other ideas here.

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