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Step-by-Step Gift Containers (good enough to sell)

December 27th, 2006 at 03:26 pm

Do you want to amaze your Valentine this year? Put a little gift in a decorated can you make yourself.

My sister originated this idea (see her at They are so beautiful, she sells the cans by themselves.

Recycled coffee can, oatmeal cylinder, peanut can, or similar item. The cylindrical shapes are recommended.

Contact paper

Artificial floral items, including longish strands of leaves, small clusters of berries, birds, etc.

Hot glue gun

1. Wash and dry the recycled can thoroughly.
2. Cover the can with contact paper carefully. It's not necessary to cover the lid.
3. Clip a strand of leaves long enough to wind around the can starting near the top and spiraling one or two times down and around the can.
4. Hot glue the leaves in several places on the can, especially gluing at the top and the bottom ends.
5. Clip a couple berry clusters, flowers or other items and arrange in groups at intervals along the ivy.
6. Hot glue the clusters on the can.
7. Hot glue single leaves on any exposed wire ends of the items.
8. Hot glue a cluster of matching items on the lid. Include a focal item on the lid, such as a bird.

Voila, beautiful. This 'wrapping' is so impressive, you need not fill with a major gift.

I gave all mine away, or I'd attach a photo!

1 Responses to “Step-by-Step Gift Containers (good enough to sell)”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Oh, I saw your mention of this over in the discussion forums and was wondering how you decorated them. I have a hard time making myself dispose of coffee cans, oatmeal boxes, etc. They just seem so useful!

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