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New Year, New Consignor!

January 18th, 2008 at 05:02 pm

Pretty Cheap Jewelry has added a new address! I'm now available in 3 local and one distant shop, as well as the original website (link in the left margin).

Wonderful to acheive this goal so early! (of adding a shop to my family in 2008)

Here's a few new items to delight your eyes. Everything made (by me) with quality and care and sold for fun and love at a bargain basement price.

~~secret special to SavingAdvicer's only~~
A free Dark Chocolate Hershey 1 lb bar with the order of any 3 notecards or journals. Offer good until 1/31/08 only. Please mention this post at check out.
Thanks and here's to a sweet 2008!

Slim volume perfect for a new marriage, graduate, or baby book.

Photo album cover features cross stitched sprig and ruffled lace!

One of 3 International thank you cards featuring different girls, each holding a heart. (sold separately)

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