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Step by Step Jewelry Board Display

March 15th, 2007 at 05:03 pm

Just poppin' in to write in this great thrifty idea.

Display of jewelry is more important than it should be. But, it's true, a good display makes or breaks interest in the item.

The high end jewelers buy factory made displays. Everything matches, polished look, etc. At a cost which I'm unwilling to invest at this time.

Us hobbyists must be more creative and inventive.

Here is a professional, easy, inexpensive display idea I came up with. Photos below correspond to each heading. Did I mention these were inexpensive? These boards cost $0.80 ea to make (I made eight).

Foam Core Board, cut into your size need
Fabric, recommend short nap faux black fur
Hot glue gun

NOTE: Use a coupon for almost 1/2 off foam core board! One standard board made 4 jewelry displays for me.

NOTE: Use a coupon for the fabric! Instead of $17/yard black velvet (normally for jewelry display) I choose a nearly equivalent soft black faux fur on clearance for $3/yard.

Step 1.
Center board on fabric

Step 2.
Glue two opposing edges of fabric to back of board, stretching fabric slightly if necessary to maintain nice smooth front.

Step 3.
Glue remaining edges of fabric to back of board, tucking in and making neat corners.

Step 4.
Mount items on board with straight pins and display on stand (available at craft store in the photo frame area).

1 Responses to “Step by Step Jewelry Board Display”

  1. midlight21 Says:

    Hi - yes I made similar for husband and I when we inherited mother-in-laws jewelry. We had so much that we needed to be able to 'see it' in separateness rather than a jumble of stuff in a box to determine which pieces to keep and which to pass along.

    Would framing the finished board give a more polished look? Yes, added expense, but just like jewelry frames the face, the frame could frame the jewels!

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