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Calling all Librarians!

April 10th, 2013 at 09:34 am

The middle school library turned down my offer to donate the books below. I have put them on www.paperbackswap.com - request from me if you want them for your school or town library. They are hard-bound for library (reinforced and have clear cover); I got them from our city library sale shelf.

If you are not on paperbackswap but a blogger here on saving advice and I recognize your name, comment below and I will get with you over email to do a swap.

Stephen Hawking, A Life in Science
by Michael White, John Gribben
see it here on paperbackswap

LeMond, The Incredible Comeback of an American Hero
by Samuel Abt
see it here on Amazon
see it here on paperbackswap

Also this one which I did not offer the librarian, but a good middle school/high school level topic:

Beyond Earth Day: Fulfilling the Promise
Gaylord Nelson
see it here on paperbackswap

Thx for reading!

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