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WAIT!! Before you buy that electronic device for Christmas READ THIS

November 10th, 2011 at 09:33 am

Although I went to this online site for details about a vampire electricity reducing device, I ended up reading this article instead. It will strike your thrifty fancy but hits very near and dear to my environmental heart.

Electronics to take over Holiday Purchase

1. Projections reported from a respectable source. The Consumer Electronics Association is cited from the beginning. I don't know how transparent they are, but my intuition is they are honest enough even if basically a trade and industry group.

2. One-Third of all gift purchases may be electronics yet there is almost no thought of how to retire and dispose of the eventual e-waste. Hundreds of thousands of tablets, cell phones, cameras, and ereaders are going to be sold. Where are they going to end up.

3. Price is the overriding reason where/what/how the items are bought. No surprise here. Isn't it time to add the cost of recycling, reusing, disposing of the item into the purchase price.

I don't want to repeat here a few other passages in the article though they are eye openers!!

So are you going to buy a computing device this year? What will you do with it down the line?

1 Responses to “WAIT!! Before you buy that electronic device for Christmas READ THIS”

  1. MonkeyMama Says:

    I'd say we have never had any problem selling anything in this category (or giving to someone else).

    But, Best Buy also has an ongoing e-waste program. I REALLY like it because I can just go over there any time (versus waiting for other once a month/year e-waste type events). That said - the only thing I have resorted to e-wasting was ancient and/or broken. Car stereo (20 years old) and broken vacuum cleaner come to mind. For all the electronics that we do have - always seems to be a taker or another use for it.

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