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A Study of Electronic Gizmos but Unplugging Along too

May 30th, 2012 at 12:11 pm

What do fathers want? Electronics, electronics, and more electronics. I'm hanging on by a thread trying to figure this stuff out. Jump in anytime and give advice!

iPhone Car Adapter
You heard of this? It's a doohickey that lets you play your phone music (and I presume your subscribed broadcasts) through your car sound system. It also lets you answer/make phone calls through the car sound system (better than talking with than a blue tooth I guess). Husband is interested. I am contemplating. Here is an example device that has good reviews and obviously from the best source.

What do you think? How long before it becomes obsolete??

Smart Power Strip
These have been around a couple years, and there's even a couple forum threads discussing pros and cons here on SA. I decided to take the plunge and get one. One reason: we are using solar power at home and conserve every watt. My husband has taken to turning off the TV/Wii center lately to save energy to that end.

Funny these are not in hardware or electronics stores much, I had to get this one on Amazon.

Portable Hard Drive
Anyone else have one? *sigh* why do we have to keep adding memory, beefing up our computer resources ad nauseum. This time I am told a portable hard drive is recommended to back up your home computer. Nevermind that I barely got used to flash drives; they are not big enough anymore? My hubby is a community college prof and his lectures are pretty valuable. So he wants to back them up and take the drive to a secure (outside the home) location. I am researching and awaiting a good Staples/Office Depot/Office Max coupon.

In the meantime I plug (or more exactly 'unplug') along making neat things from materials already at hand. For example, I had leftover wool from a kit for making a felted purse. (Felting is when you shrink wool with hot water). I did not want to discard the wool so here's what I made (I have enough wool to make at least 6 pairs):

Felt and Crystal Ball earrings
Pastel felt balls sparkle with a little crystal in these unusual and interesting earrings.

Ask me for more detail!

Fortunately I have a few low tech things up my sleeve for Father's Day. Husband intentionally drops hints about less expensive things that the kids can give him for Father's Day and I listen up secretly!

shoe horn
yes, an old fashioned simple metal one. Any leads where to get one for a few dollars? Have not visited the shoe repair shop yet....

He is a messy cook, and I am on him to wipe up when he's in the kitchen. Alot! He said he could use an apron and I think a masculine one would be fine. Must be under $20. Send links!

2 Responses to “A Study of Electronic Gizmos but Unplugging Along too”

  1. MonkeyMama Says:

    portable hard drive: We have used several over the years for "extra storage." Not taking them off-site. We have had several failures. I do not recommend. There are LOTS of free online backup options these days - very highly reviewed. I'd google a bit. We've paid for a service (we have a LOT of stuff to store - my husband's movies and original footage, etc. - I think most people would do fine with the free service - we just need more room). Online storage is far more reliable, from my experience, though you may want to research a bit where the data is physically stored. Maybe not a company who keeps physical storage in your neighborhood (in case of natural disaster).

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    For the iPhone - consider this?


    This is the one I just got for my car. It might not be as nice and do what you want, but I giggled at the "How long to obsolete?" comment. My dh is using a tape cassette adapter I have had for about TWENTY years. (Bought originally for a portable CD player - then for MP3 players - now for smart phone). Since my car does not have a cassette player, I upgraded to a FM radio adapter. It has worked much better than we expected. It's great!! I loved the price, too. We JUST bought it for my MP3 player, but has been great with our new phones. {We do tend to keep cars to 15th-20th year. New cars would be a different story!}.

    Someone gave us a bluetooth speaker, to keep in the car, and I think dh bought one too, but we have abandoned them. Plugging into the car stereo is MUCH preferred.

    Good Luck!!

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