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Candy Fairy, meet Sales Fairy

November 1st, 2011 at 01:41 pm

Does the candy fairy visit you? She comes late after trick or treating when the kids are in bed. She 'buys' treats the kids are willing to part with and left in a big bowl out on the table. More candy? More money or 'gift'. A painless way of reducing the consumption of sweets. I love the candy fairy!

The sales fairy is coming to visit this weekend! I hope anyway. It's the first and best boutique of the year for Pretty Cheap Jewelry. The early birds snatch up really inexpensive and creative gifts to fill their lists the season. Some of the new things on my table?


Feathers are the hot accessory this year, but I put both humane and frugal spins on the style. All the feathers in my work are NATURALLY SHED. From wild backyard species to country birds and more, I pick up loose feathers in the environment. Look around yourself, there are more than you'd think.

Instead of a single use hair accent, these are barrettes that last a much longer time. And my prices can't be beat.

Shown above: 3 Blue Jay Copper Ribbon available here

More feather barrettes available here

They look vintage but these handbeaded sequin gloves are brand new. I start with plain lightweight knits and embellish like crazy. Some gloves are fancy enough for New Year's Eve, some are for happy kids at the ice skate rink.

Perfect for driving or just walking the dog, many many styles (ask me for more pictures!). A very beautiful gift for the 'don't-know-what-to-give' person without denting your budget.

Shown: Sequin Flower and Pearl Charcoal Gloves available here

More gloves available here

I've perfected a simple ring style that fits every girl's dream and every boy's budget.

Three sparkling crystals line an adjustable band of pure copper. The cost? Practically nothing.

Shown: Moss green with extra metallic shine, custom fit band, $8 available here

Other colors to choose from: tangerine, steel blue, and more (ask below).

Thanks for reading!
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