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Your Chance for Free Coffee Within -->

June 22nd, 2007 at 07:21 am

Giving away a $20 Starbucks card to celebrate 1 year of Pretty Cheap Jewelry!

To get a chance, just join the mailing list by:

1. Go to http://www.prettycheapjewelry.com

2. Contact prettycheap (click 'contact' lower right margin). It may ask you to register with Etsy, a wonderful handcrafted internet marketplace. All you need is a username and password.

3. Send your e mail address in the contact.

You won't get a bunch of spammy e mails. I am not that sophisticated!! (yet?). It will be a monthly one page newsletter, filled with fun trivia, special offers and pics.

Like this-
Field Mouse and Friends Blank Note Cards, Pack of 3 ...$5
Let field mouse send greetings for you! Hiding in a patch of dried pressed star jasmine, where a feathered friend once visited, field mouse and crow are ready to help. Set of three cards, each with whimsical design featuring critters, bare foot prints, sneakered footprints and dried, pressed star jasmine. (Only one shown). Exceptional value only available at Pretty Cheap Jewelry.

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